I graduated with First Class Honours in Contemporary Art from the Centre for Creative Arts and Media at GMIT in 2021. I will undertake a curatorial residency at Sample Studios in Cork during Spring 2022 and have been shortlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards 2021. I am on the education team at TULCA Festival of Visual Arts in Galway.

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Current Work in Progress 2022

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Current Work - Corner Installation
Corner Installation
Current Work - Installation Detail
Installation Detail
Current work - Susie Q_s Hymedelas at K-Fest 2022
Susie Q_s Hymedelas at K-Fest 2022
Current Work - Interaction at K-Fest 2022
Interaction at K-Fest 2022 - photograph permission received

When visiting the Crawford Art Gallery recently, I was struck by one work in particular at the Recasting Canova exhibition: Aphrodite of Milos. She immediately represented ‘protector’ though I overheard another visitor comment on how ‘caring’ the figure was. Neither observations are incorrect, but I began thinking about how the language we use impacts our interpretations and mindset. I have also been researching the history of Sheela na Gigs and their presence in Ireland. They are believed to hold apotropaic (protective) magic and display a form of exhibitionism. I refer back to Peter Schjeldahl’s Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light essay on concrete as this work develops, as he referred to concrete as having the ‘froideur of Pallas Athena’, a Greek goddess who is described as exhibiting both the vision of femininity and masculinity, at different times. This fluidity in identity speaks to important conversations we must have around our varying degrees of being and societal expectations. I am establishing representations of the figure, or modern-day Sheela na Gigs that explore how the female body is represented in different ways in both public and private spaces. I aim to create ‘pleasurescapes’ through the figurative forms and visual poetry, opening up conversations about our lived experiences.

The images featured are Susie Q’s Hymedelas exhibited at K-Fest in Kerry, June 2022.

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