I graduated with First Class Honours in Contemporary Art from the Centre for Creative Arts and Media at GMIT in 2021. I will undertake a curatorial residency at Sample Studios in Cork during Spring 2022 and have been shortlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards 2021. I am on the education team at TULCA Festival of Visual Arts in Galway.

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Still standing Standing Still 2021

Still standing Standing still_2021
Still standing Standing still
Still standing Standing still on site at Artlink Fort Dunree 2021
Still standing Standing still on site at Artlink Fort Dunree

‘Tension builds and is released with a breath.’ Concrete is a material used for centuries past, with a long history full of context and narrative. The smooth, highly detailed surfaces will be placed into this [Artlink, Fort Dunree] contemporary setting as an unexpected encounter. It should not disrupt the landscape, but perhaps interrupt a part of it. Its durability means it is long-lasting, manifesting a journey of its own. We the audience are observing this legacy, the site and its surroundings, and our impact on the environment and culture of a place.

‘Think about how the things around you grow, are created, evolve, break down … entropic entities existing.’ The accompanying audio encourages the viewer to take time and listen. Think of your journey to this place, around this place, to the here and now. Take this time to pause; feel the ground beneath.


Still standing, Standing still, reinforced concrete, dimensions 45x30x30cm; audio 2min 45sec


This work was exhibited as part of Begin The Begin at Artlink, Fort Dunree in Donegal from July-September 2021. The brief surrounded the word ‘turas’ meaning journey – a linking theme for all the sites included in Earagail Arts Festival 2021. I explored a journey of ‘connecting through creativity’ with the other participants and with the audience who views or responds to the work. It represents a part of my journey, and the shared journey we have all had over the past year, acting as a space for reflection and becoming present: a grounding, tactile experience for all who encounter it.